Sheena (mami) spent her childhood in Texas and then lived in LA for the majority of her later years. A lover of all things sweet and kind, she has a side of her that enjoys the grinding of skateboards on railings and revels at the soothing sound of punk rock and old school hip hop. Being a southern belle at heart, she is smitten by manners so be sure to let your good manners shine the next time you visit mami :)

Mami’s Mission

To make healthy food not only more accessible to everyone, but to make it delicious and fun. Mami strives to support the community she is a part of by seeking and utilizing ingredients from local vendors (many of whom she has befriended from scouring the local farmers market). Knowledgeable about every fruit, plant or ingredient she uses in her humble shop, she stands behind everything she gives her children. 

She hopes to promote the things that she feels most passionate about from living a healthy lifestyle, eating wholesome food, building a strong community, and treating our home (the earth) with respect.